Teaching Kids About Hatching Baby Chicks

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In Episode 215 of Mother Earth News and Friends, we’re dedicating an episode to the kids. Hatching baby chicks can be a great way to introduce kids to the world of incubation, poultry, and all the challenges and joys of homesteading – not to mention leadership and entrepreneurship. In this episode, Ann Accetta-Scott shares more about egg hatching curriculum for children, whether using it as a family side project or a homeschooling lesson, and the ways children can grow through these chick-hatching ventures.

Kenny Coogan: [00:00:00] If you are doing this in a classroom, you should try to plan to have them hatch during the week because I can only imagine the confusion. You leave Friday and you come Monday, and then you have chicks running around, and the kids are like, did you just buy these?

Ann Accetta-Scott: I, the very first time we did it at the school, I counted wrong, and I get there off by like two days. I don’t know how I did that. So yes, it’s been done. You will make a mistake and you will learn a very valuable lesson in the faces that are like, well, when did they hatch? And you’ll see their faces. So yes, make sure you count appropriately and double count, even triple count, your dates before you set your eggs.

Jessica Anderson: Welcome to the Mother Earth News and Friends podcast. At Mother Earth News for 50 years and counting, we’ve been dedicated to conserving the planet’s natural resources while helping you [00:01:00] conserve your financial resources. In this podcast, we host conversations with experts in the fields of sustainability, homesteading, natural health, and more to share all about how you can live well wherever you are in a way that values both people and our Mother Earth.

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