Making Soap with Lye for Beginners

Have no fear! Soap-making is easier than you think.

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by AdobeStock/marrakeshh

Making soap with lye is easier than you think! We share a basic soap making recipe and go over general soap making procedure and ingredients to get you started.

In this episode of Mother Earth News and Friends, Melanie Teegarden, a soap-maker and business owner, shares the beneficial properties of homemade soaps and provides a simple recipe for you to get started making them at home. Once you’ve got a handle on the safety measures involved with making soap with lye, as well as general soap-making procedure and ingredients, you’ll be able to fearlessly make your own!

Experienced soap-makers can skip to Melanie’s Two-Oil Soap Recipe with Lye.

Scroll down for our episode transcript, and scroll to the bottom for our guest bio and show-note resources!

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