Foods with Good Bacteria

Start your fermentation journey with these fermented foods recipes and other gut-friendly meals.

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by Adobestock/Shane Cotee

Like many of us, I didn’t think much about my gut health when I was younger. But being more responsible for my own foods when I moved out of the house changed what I bought. For some items, it’s a matter of swapping out a product that’s high in processed sugar and other additives for a healthier option. For others, I’ve rethought my food choices altogether, which includes considering gut-healthy options to buy at my local store or make myself. If you’re beginning to explore fermented foods, you’re in the right spot. Here are a few foods with good bacteria and some fermented foods recipes you can try.

  • If you like trying new beverages, start your fermentation journey with kombucha, an easy-to-make and healthy fizzy drink for your gut.
  • After you’ve made your kombucha, what do you do with the leftover SCOBY? Make some dehydrated fruit leather from it for a healthy snack.
  • Explore more ways to enhance your gut health with bone broth recipes, such as one that uses the collagen-rich chicken feet.
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