Plant Based Meals for Beginners

Fall in love with fruits, veggies, and whole grains recipes.

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by Adobestock/bondarillia

Never underestimate the flavor, versatility, and health of plants on your plate. We’re taking a moment to celebrate all the delicious plant-based meals out there, from side dishes to desserts. Whether you’re looking to widen your selection of weeknight dinners, shop and cook more locally, cut down the amount of meat on your menu, or try new foods, there’s a dish out there for you. Let’s explore some nourishing plant-based meals for beginners, and give them a try in your own kitchen.

  • Experiment with how plants show up on your plate – including fermentation!
  • Don’t be afraid to mix the sweet with the savory and try different combinations. Sometimes, a warm savory grain paired with a roasted fruit can be a wonderful meal you may not have considered before.
  • Outside of main dishes, the leftovers of plants (such as citrus peels) can have a second life in other medicinal or household supplies.
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